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Screening & due diligence tools powered by AI, including Investment Risk Rating, team, legal & financial due diligence, competition analysis.

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21-day first-pick of the newest deals, get a 21-day head start on newest deals!

Startup Fundraising

Check investor-readiness, use data room with built-in due diligence checklist and close deals in virtual private deal room. 

AI technology

for venture investment

VenturePole helps venture investors mitigate risk, save time and labor by augmenting due diligence with AI.
We list the best deals for venture capitalists, angel investors, funds, incubators and private equity. 
We have built a machine learning algorithm to predict the survival rate of startups, as the basis of our Investment Risk Rating.
For team due diligence, our deep learning algorithm analyzes founder digital footprint using natural language processing (NLP) and convolutional neural network (CNN).

Standardized & Automated Due Diligence

for faster smarter venture investing

Our proprietary Know-Your-Portfolio KYP System is how we save you time and money in screening & due diligence.
It helps venture investors make higher returns, as well as bridge the diversity gap in venture capital, helping more female and non-white founders grow their business.
Roadmap 2019 / 2020

development Milestones

Core Team

Xiao Jean Chen
Founder & CEO
  • Blockchain Venture Investor
  • Management consultant in 5G Zurich & Hong Kong
  • Google developer scholar
  • PhD in Organizational Management at University of Zurich


Kuldeep Singh
Business Development
  • Founded Singh Asset Management
  • Consulted client portfolio at Merrill Lynch
  • Held director & investment committee member positions at several investment funds
Lee Greene
Health Tech
  • Managing Director of Startupbootcamp’s health tech program
  • Founder of Stuward eHealth
  • Coach at Entrepreneurship Lab Health Tech Accelerator in New York City
Mark Nelson
Advisor Investment
Jie Mei
Advisor Artificial Intelligence


& awards


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